Australian Legal System Jury

Initial Question:

Australian Legal system

Jury system in criminal courts


1500 words & references. All you need is attached.

APA referencing style.

See attached for full details.

Edits that need to be made: Here is our feedback.

let’s start with the introduction its pretty good but in the assignment kit they want it to include an outline for the topic and specific issue(s) you will critically discuss in the assignment;

Another thing is the critical discussion: critical exploration and discussion around the essay topic & issues, and the use of academic research to detail, explain & support this discussion and your thesis/position on the topic. If you can please discuss more or basically (Show the Position). Because the critical analysing in this assignment is too important and it counts 20 of overall marks. And we will be marked on the use of research to elucidate the jury system and alternatives and your own position on the topic

Pay attention to the in-text citation, I can see it barely contains one on each paragraph so please if you could add more. There must be diversity in the resources between (book chapters, articles, reports, journals. etc) if you find anything on databases such as lexis advance, Westlaw, jade or other and you cannot access it just send us and we can access it through our university ID.

Another thing that you must pay attention to is the clarity and organisation; unity and coherency of your information and critical discussion; the logical flow of your ideas and your arguments used in your critical discussion. We notice that you start many sentences with (The) and you barely use connectors between the sentences so it is really hard to connect between the ideas. Also, you used (nonetheless) at the beginning of a new paragraph you can use other alternatives

The conclusion is amazing but can you please summarise your critical discussion and clarify it.

If you please could reread the assignment kit and concentrate on the details of the assignment, such as the structure and the format. We really need these marks, and we don’t want to get less than 35%.

Thank you


6-8 sources only. Also, you used this much sources but there is few in-text citation!

Taking ideas from those sources is not enough. Include them in in-text citation. We don’t want to lose our marks.

Please make these edits to the paper.

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