ASU Arming Educators Essay

Unfortunately, mass shootings at schools in the United States appear to have become more common.  One of the more controversial suggested interventions is arming teachers.

1. Watch the video below addressing the debate surrounding arming teachers.

Watch this video:

Video website (for more information on the broadcast): (Links to an external site.)

2. Summarize the debate detailed in the video above. Cite the video in your summary in APA format. 

This summary should be the first section of your paper, just after your introduction – you may consider using the heading “Video Summary” for this section. This summary should be a minimum of 7 sentences. [10 pts]

3. Explain if teachers should be armed ; include a minimum of three reasons/premises to support your rationale.  Provide evidence-based support for your argument/claim. Thoroughly explain the logic of your argument. [40 pts] Cite a minimum of 2 scholarly and/or expert sources (not including the assigned video which is not scholarly or expert). [10 pts]

4. Assess and evaluate your claim/argument. REMEMBER: STAY IN THE 3RD PERSON! [30 points]

  • Evaluate credibility: Are the sources used to support your claim credible – explain how/why you know these sources are credible; cite textbook. [10 pts; minimum of 5 sentences]
  • Assess validity/soundness: Is your claim valid – explain how/why your claim is valid/invalid; cite the textbook. Is your claim/rationale behind your claim sound – explain how/why we know your claim is sound/unsound [10 pts; minimum of 5 sentences]
  • Assess reasoning: What type of reasoning (see this modules’s lectures/assigned course chapters – you must discuss at least one of the 3 specified types of reasoning discussed in our Module 6 content)  are you employing; explain how and why this reasoning is employed to support and communicate your claim; cite the textbook. [10 pts; minimum of 5 sentences]

5. As always, please remember to employ proper grammar and writing mechanics throughout your formal writing assignment – e.g., include introduction, conclusion, stay in the third person and utilize sound APA formatting ? [30 points Total: APA formatting – 10 pts; Writing Mechanics – 10 pts; Organization/Logic – 10 pts]

[Total: 120 points; Minimum of 800 words, this word count does not include References or Cover Page]

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