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The topic is the Academic Study of Religions and World Religions as discussed in the videos and Gill and Wiebe.

Rules for the One Thought Papers
• Paper should be no more than a paragraph, perhaps two if necessary.
• The papers are not meant to be summaries of what you are learning, but feedback. Your paper might be a question or two about what you are learning. Therefore papers that are merely summaries will receive no credit.
• Use of any outside sources will result in no credit for that One Thought Paper – they are about what you are learning in the course, not from outside sources. So, they should never be some sort of mini-term papers.
• If a paper is so poorly written (bad spelling, grammar or syntax), or merely a duplication of the contents of a textbook, then it will receive 0 points
• If a paper is submitted that has problems when it comes to spelling, grammar or syntax, but it is still readable, points will be deducted according to the number of errors. Plus, the paper won’t be used in responding to student’s questions and observations in the PowerPoint Videos. So proofread your papers, use your spell checkers and grammar checkers, etc.
• Examples of point reductions: Not capitalizing proper names, such as typing ‘bible’ instead of ‘Bible,’ ‘christianity’ instead of ‘Christianity, etc.’ Proper paragraphs rather than a single paragraph covering an entire page. Making certain that the use of ‘?” is at the end of an actual question. Sentences that do not have a subject or a verb, in short, incomplete sentences.
• If a student consistently ignores proofreading his or her papers, etc., the penalties will increase each time.
• No late One Thought Papers will be accepted, except in the cases of medical emergencies, etc. Not being aware of emails, announcements or messages concerning One Thought Papers are not valid excuses for not submitting. So, do not wait until the last moment to submit your paper, it might not make it on time! Plus, if a student has plans during the term, e.g., a vacation, that will not allow them to have access to the internet, no makeups for One Thought papers will be allowed.
• Papers that are not single-spaced will receive a 20-point deduction.
• Do not use PAGES, Google Docs, WordPerfect or any of the ‘open source’ versions of Word, WordPerfect or Office. Everyone at USF can download Office 365 f or free from USF.
• Do not submit your paper as a zip file or within a folder; just submit the document.
• Do not submit a photo of your paper; they will not be accepted and will receive no credit.
• If there is an issue of plagiarism, that paper will be submitted to If the paper has been plagiarized, it will not receive credit; If the plagiarism continues, then the penalty is an automatic F for the course.
• Papers submitted without the name of the student will not be accepted and will not receive credit.
• If a paper is considered frivolous, derogatory toward a religion or merely statements of faith (confessional), that paper will not receive credit.
• Students who have done 60% or less of the One Thought Papers, then the One Thought Papers will become 30% of their final grade, with the five exams reduced to 55% of the final course grade.
• Do not use your phone to submit your One Thought Papers, because your submission might fail completely or partially.
• Papers are due before 11:00 PM on the final due date.

• Ignorance of these rules is never an excuse.