Assignment 9 (IT 476)

Help me study for my Computer Science class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

Dear Students,

After you review Chapter 12 in your textbook and review all course materials in Module 9, please answer the following two questions:

1- Why is it important to learn SQL? In which jobs you need to know SQL?

2A- What is the definition of DML and DDL? Give examples in each case.

2B- Consider the following two tables below: VENDOR and PRODUCT.

Write a SQL statement for each of below:

a) Show all Vendor names, vendor phone numbers in VENDOR table

b) Show all products sold by Gomez Bros.

c) Show all products with a price of greater than $100.


Week 9 - q2.png


Week 9 - q2-.png


You are required to respond to the assignment question posted above with no less than 300 words

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