Assignment 2 (6 pages)

Help me study for my Social Science class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.



Hello,I upload assignment introduction page in which there is mentioned about what and how to make paper.I will also attach marking rubrics. You have to make paper according to case study, given care plan and risk calculator and must have to address four questions with answers in paper.I will upload Q and A session lecture and all ppt for your easiness as you can find lot of references and information in ppts and all information about assignment in Q and A session audio. plz try to use latest five years old references for paper if you can but you can also use references provided in ppts. you must have to answer four questions with introduction and conclusion with essay format.In between if you need any help from me then plz ask me don’t give me rubbish. i need 1925-2000 words with APA 6th reference style. thanks.