Assignment 10

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In this week’s assignment, we’re going to get our hands dirty with some data compilation and analysis work.

In the Google Sheets file titled BusinessMusicMarketing_Assignment_9_Data_Questions (linked below), you will find raw data (performance and internal conversion tracking) illustrating eight different marketing campaigns (labeled campaigns A-H).

This raw data includes results of sales qualified leads (SQLs), marketing qualified leads (MQLs), click through rate (CTR), cost per thousand impressions (CPM aka cost per mille), cost per registration (Cost/Reg), the promo identification number of the campaign (PID), and additional data.

To complete this week’s assignment, follow these instructions:

  • Click on the link below to open the Google Sheets file: BusinessMusicMarketing_Assignment_9_Data_Questions(please note that this is a View Only file, so you’ll have to make a copy).
  • Make a copy of the file by clicking on File, then selecting the option Make a copy…
    Make a copy of the assignment file provided.
  • Name your copy LastName_L09_BusinessOfMusicMarketing (e.g., Smith_L09_BusinessOfMusicMarketing) and save it to “My Drive.”Name your copy of the assignment file provided.
  • Based on the raw data provided, you will have to analyze the data and answer a set of questions included in the Google Sheets file.
  • Once you have completed your work, save your Google Sheet as a Microsoft Excel file by clicking File, Download as, and Microsoft Excel (.xlsx).Download as Microsoft Excel.

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