Assignment 1 about current events in different regions of the world.

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Assignment 1 about current events in different regions of the world.

What am I supposed to learn from doing this assignment?

This assignment responds in particular to three of the course learning outcomes:

• Learning Outcome 5: Diagnose political, economic, environmental and social-cultural current events that you see in the media. (Diagnose means uncover, determine causes).

• Learning Outcome 6: Critically evaluate historical and current factors, patterns and relationships between people and places. (Evaluate means: make informed judgements).

• Learning Outcome 7: Reflect on your role as a global citizen. (Reflect means: Think deeply or carefully about).

How do I do this assignment?

At the end of every week of the course, starting in Week 1 or 2 (submit six in total), you must submit a thoughtful, written response to a media article about a current event taking place somewhere in any region of the world. Submissions must be uploaded to the Assignment 1 drop box on our course website by Friday at 11:30 pm) each week.


1. Locate a media article about a current event in the world (each week) that you find interesting, alarming or maddening.

2. Address the learning outcomes above (diagnose, evaluate, reflect) in a short write up of about 250-300 words. Another way to approach this is to write about things like: WHO is involved, WHAT is going on, WHY is this happening, WHERE is it happening, WHAT does it mean, HOW do I feel about this? If you don’t understand everything in the article, you may need to do a bit of research to fully address the learning outcomes.

3. Provide a link to the media article so I can access it.

4. Please write well, but no other referencing, or writing requirements are specifically asked for.

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