Assess Differences in Culture

Assess Differences in Culture across Countries


 Persons in your country are more effective in dealing with business people from other countries if they have some awareness and understanding of differences in culture across countries. This exercise will help increase your knowledge and understanding of various countries’ business culture, making you a more effective manager and communicator with people and organizations globally. This is a fun exercise that provides information for your class regarding some of these key differences.


Step 1 Identify four individuals who either grew up in a foreign country or have lived in a foreign

country for more than a year. Interview those four persons. Try to have four different countries represented.

Step 2 During each interview, develop a list of eight key differences between your country’s business style and customs and that particular country’s style and custom in terms of various

aspects of speech, meetings, meals, relationships, friendships, and communication, which

could impact business dealings.

Step 3 Develop a 15-minute PowerPoint presentation for your class and discuss, summarizing your

findings. In your speech to the class, identify the persons you interviewed and the length of

time those persons lived in their respective countries. Frame your presentation as if you are

giving advice to top managers regarding expansion into those countries.

Step 4 Submit a hard copy of your presentation to your professor.

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