Assembly Language Programming.

Due: Description: This project will be done in parts that will increase in complexity. Each portion is to be submitted online separately. In the assembly file for each section you must place a pair of comments identifying yourself and the section that you are working on. # Name: Jerry Heuring # Project 1: Section 1 Details: Section 1: Using the MARS or SPIM simulator develop a program that will evaluate the following expression: 3 * n + n * (n – 1) – 15 where n is stored in a data location and is set to 15. Your program should use the system calls to print the result and to exit the program. Section 2: Using the MARS or SPIM simulator develop a program that will implement the following conditional statement. If ( n is even) { n = n / 2; } else { n = 3 * n + 1; } In this case, n is to be input by the user (assume they input a non-negative value), the conditional is performed, and the resulting n is to be output. Again, use the system calls for input, output, and exiting the program. Hint: There is a remainder pseudoinstruction for the MIPS architecture that you can use to determine if the value is even or odd or you can look at bit 0 to determine if the value is even or odd. Section 3: You are to take the conditional from the previous section and build a loop around it to find the Collatz sequence. The structure of this would be: while (n > 1) { If (n is even) { n = n / 2; } else { n = 3 * n + 1; } cout << n; } Section 4: You are to write a leaf subprogram that will output the following information: Your Name Your favorite color Your favorite sports team The main program should call your leaf routine and then exit using the system call. Section 5: Write a program with a leaf subprogram that will take two values in $a0 and $a1 and compute their greatest common divisor. The greatest common divisor should be returned in the $v0 register. The main program should input the values for $a0 and $a1 using system calls, call your subprogram, and then output the result using a system call. Submission: There are locations for you to submit the assignment available in BlackBoard. You need to upload only the .asm (assembly language) file. There is a different location for EACH section.

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