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Hello, I am Tom and I am a Regional safety Manager for Irex Contracting Group. Our company is based out of Lancaster, PA, and I live in Toledo Ohio with responsibilities in the Midwest, Central Plains, and the Gulf region. I have enrolled in this program to complete my degree to have the opportunity to sit for the CSP exam. When I earned my associate they changed the requirements to a Bachelor, so… Here I am! C-19 delayed the process a little bit!

I believe we should always have a goal of zero. By setting that as an ultimate goal, it gives us the chance to set markers to measure our improvement and identify our shortfalls. In some cases reaching the goal of zero is in the distant future, but it gives a clear path to see what your performance is and the “numbers” can be shared with employees to help with morale and show that the work is paying off. When it isn’t trending toward zero, we can also use the same information to educate our employees on how we need to improve. An example of this could be as simple as showing employees that when the number of site safety inspections they complete go down, there is a direct correlation to the incident rates going up.

Safety managers can have an incredibly positive or incredibly negative affect on employee involvement. We have all met the “cop” safety guy that seems to be trying to get people in trouble, and we see that they may get some instant results, but in the long run the program eventually fizzles and employee morale drops off as well as their participation. When we meet a safety manager that wants to learn from the employees and hear their issues, it begins to develop buy in and once you have the employee buy in, the sky is the limit. I truly believe if you genuinely look at safety as a value instead of the catch phrase of “safety is our number one priority” we are able to teach employees that priorities can change like schedule, budget, or manpower, but a value like safety stays as a constant at all times. I am positive the owners of my construction company didn’t start our company to get hundreds of guys together to be safe. They did to meet a priority of making money, but the value of safety is a vehicle to get to their priority. A collaborative educational safety manager will always develop a much better end result.

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