Ashford Apple MacBook Pro MD101LL Computer System Information Discussion

Question Description

Knowing the parts of your computer system will be helpful when you need to upgrade your system or buy a new computer. Using the following list of computer parts as a guide, create a table in a MS Office Word File. Note any hardware features that you want to upgrade for increased performance. To find information about the computer system go to the Control Panel of Windows under the category of System and Maintenance; under System Preferences, General on a Mac; or by looking at your user manual.


Open MS Office Word. Document the following: CPU Processor, CPU Speed, RAM, Hard Drive Capacity, DVD Drive, Monitor Type, Monitor Size, Sound Card, Video Card Memory, Speakers, Ports (Types and numbers), Size, Weight, Style (desktop/laptop).


Create a thread on this discussion board with the following:

  1. Attach your research in a MS Office Word file with the findings on your computer system and performance.
  2. Are you happy with your computer? Research if you should upgrade or update your computer system.
  3. Check online computer sales and find a computer with the system and performance you would love. Hyperlink to the sales location and post the cost of this computer.
  4. Document the differences in your computer and the one you prefer online.

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