Article Discussion

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As we read, we naturally pick up different aspects of the text, so it is key for us to share our ideas and thoughts with each other. It helps all of us understand better. To keep us thinking about the articles you read this week, please respond the the questions below.

  1. What does Malcolm X say was the reason he wanted to be able to write better? Did this surprise you?
  2. What is the impact of learning and literacy for this Malcom X? Describe how Malcolm uses his education to influence others?
  3. In your own words, what kind of barriers did Malcolm X face as he worked to educate himself? What about Sherman Alexie?
  4. Thinking back to last week, what connections can you draw between the experiences of Malcolm X or Sherman Alexie and what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said about the purpose of education?
  5. Do you yourself associate being literate with being successful?

Please respond in full sentences and be as detailed as possible. Your initial post should be around 300 words while

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