art project

(before all you tutors try and charge me $50 dollars, you literally could just make a little clay bowl with a cool tracing on it. it does not need to be crazy.)


Art Work Assignment

Design and create a functional object (something that has a use other than just as a piece of art) that is also artistic. For example, you might design and create a water bowl, bird house, piece of clothing, or other functional item. You’ll want to be mindful of the object’s design, as you’ll need to demonstrate its functional use. At the same time, your object should also demonstrate artistic style.

When you have finished with your art piece, take two digital photographs. One photograph should show the object and its artistic style. The second photograph should show the object in use to demonstrate its functional purpose. For example, if you designed and created a birdhouse, you would take one photograph of the birdhouse, showing its artistic design. For the second photograph, you might show the birdhouse hung in a tree, ready to be used by a nesting bird. Insert the photographs of your artwork into a word processing file and answer the questions below in the same file. The file with the photographs of your artwork and the questions should be submitted to the Dropbox for this assignment.

  1. What did you create? What functional purpose does the piece have?
  2. How did you design the piece? What decisions did you have to make about its design (such as what materials you could use, etc.)? What were the challenges in making the piece both functional and artistic?
  3. How did you make this functional piece into a piece of art? What tools or materials did you use? What inspired your artistic design?

TABLE Grading Rubric

Full credit Partial Credit No credit
Artwork Creation (60%)

Student creates a piece of visual art that is both functional and artistic. The student submits two photographs, one demonstrating the artistic qualities of the piece and one demonstrating its practical function.

Student’s art does not demonstrate both artistic and functional qualities; or, the student’s photographs do not clearly demonstrate each quality. Or, the student only submits one photograph.

Student does not provide any art or photographs.

Analysis (30%)

Student gives complete, accurate answers that explain the concept, design, creation, and function of the art.

Student’s answers are not complete or contain incorrect information; or, not all questions are answered.

Student does not provide answers to any of the questions.

Grammar and mechanics (10%)

Student demonstrates command of standard English conventions, such as capitalization, punctuation, and spelling.

Student has minor conventional flaws in writing, but they do not impede overall understanding.

Student’s writing has many grammatical or mechanical flaws which impede communication.

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