Art Integration in Math Lesso

Hello there, I need help writing 2 lesson plans one to be aimed more at teaching Virtually, and one aimed at teaching on the in-person.

One lesson I want it to focus on (Habits of Mind) and one lesson on ( Art Integration in Math)

The one aimed at teaching Virtually could have more of an emphasis on world-building or concepts that can be engaged with basic drawing utensils, pen, pencil, paper, crayons, markers, and erasers.

The one aimed at teaching on the in-person more of an emphasis being on using more equipment and storage space – for example, perhaps the students all have photo cameras to use, or canvases and paints to use, or screen prints they could print onto shirts, or clay they can sculpt and then have someone burn them into ceramics.

Here are categories you could include in your Lesson Plans. You could use them all, or you could curate a selection of items listed below (perhaps one Lesson Plan is slightly different than the other, as one is aimed for Virtual teaching and the other for on the in-person teaching):

The categories: (you have to pick at least 10 of the items listed below and the Lesson Description/Steps you have to pick in both of the lesson because it is one of the main ones)

Also make sure to pick at least one activity for the students per lesson!!

– Lesson Title:

– Grades:

– Subject:

– Time Required: (Always allow 5 minutes to settle at the beginning of class and allow 5 minutes to wrap up the lesson at the end)

– California Arts State Standard: (find by navigating the PDF – I recommend using the “command F” style I showed you all in class, where you type in key words that you sense have the flavor of what you want your lesson to be about –

– Lesson Information:

– Overview: (What you would like students to know or be able to do after the lesson?)

– Learning Goal: (Generally are broad statements written from an instructor’s perspective that generally describe what an instructor aims to do)

– Objectives: (describe goals and intentions through statements revealing what you intend to teach or cover in a learning experience)

– Materials: (Introduce materials by discussing the materials that you are using or simply list them)

– Lesson Description/Steps: (This is an agenda like set of descriptions or steps that you will follow to complete the lesson. I recommend to write an approximation of how long each step will take, and, next to that keep a running tab on how long your steps are accumulating to be as a total)

– Key Vocabulary: (A list of words or concepts that are important to introduce to students in the lesson)

– Question & Answer Time: (Address any questions students may have. If online, students can unmute themselves to verbally ask questions)

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