Art History Museum Activity

The Getty Villa (Museum) in Los Angeles, has an extensive permanent collection containing ancient Greek, ancient Etruscan (from Central Italy), and ancient Roman art.

In addition to this world class art collection, the museum presents “special” or “temporary” exhibitions throughout the year about various subjects related to

its art collection.

*In 2019, the Getty Villa presented a special exhibition called

“Buried by Vesuvius: Treasures from the Villa dei Papiri.”

Writing Instructions:

Based on the 2 provided videos and article, explain what you learned about:

· J. Paul Getty and the Getty Villa in Los Angeles

· the Villa dei Papiri in southern Italy (Herculaneum)

· The special art exhibition called Buried by Vesuvius: Treasures from the Villa dei Papiri.” In your discussion of the exhibition, refer to at least 4 different artworks.

Writing Length Requirement (4 Pages) Total /Double Spaced/Size 12 Font

Essay Format: (Title, Introduction, Thesis, Body Paragraphs, and Conclusion)

Pages 1 – 3:  Explain what you learned? Refer to the 3 bullet points above.

Page 4: Works Cited

Give research/resource credit to the 2 videos and to the article. (MLA Format)

Review the provided information in this order:

Video#1: History of the Getty Villa  (12 Minutes)

Credit to: The J. Paul Getty Museum

Exhibition Article

Credit to: The J. Paul Getty Museum

Video #2 – Tour of the art exhibition by curator Kenneth Lapatin

Note: This video is also embedded in the actual article or go to the link below:

(22 minutes/17 seconds)

Credit to: The J. Paul Getty Museum

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