Art Discussion:17th Century A

This discussion forum is about 17th century Baroque art from Italy and Spain and the Northern European countries of Flanders, Holland, and France.

Part 1 – For this discussion, select one question about Italy (1-3) and one question about Northern Europe (4-5). To answer your questions, post a short paragraph for each question describing one art work, the key art elements, and historical context.

1. How did the art or architecture of 17th century Italy reinforce Counter Reformation goals? Select 1 work and describe how specific art elements and subject matter were used.

2. What was similar or different in the art of Caravaggio and Artemesia Gentileschi and to what extent did gender play a role? Describe specific elements in specific paintings. Select 1 painting by either artist to describe.

3. How did Diego Velasquez’s paintings promote the court of King Philip IV of Spain? Select 1 work and describe how specific art elements and subject matter were used.

4. How do the religious artworks of Rubens and Rembrandt represent the differences between a Catholic and a Protestant view of art and religion in the 17th century? Select 1 work by either artist to describe.

5. How do portraits of nobility and the middle class represent the political and social ideas of the patron and their country in the 17th century? Select 1 portrait to describe.

Part 2
– Also don’t forget to write a short response to a classmate who answered a different question for one of the two regions. Go beyond just a sentence saying “Great post!” or “I agree with you on the topic.” Think of something you can add to the conversation. Consider how 17th century art is different from Italy or Spain to Northern Europe. What makes it challenging? What do you see that your classmate’s post does not discuss? How it is the art in the post you are responding to different than the art you selected? How has 17th century art changed from art in the 16th century? You only need to address one of these questions, or one of your own. They are ideas to get you thinking and expand your discussion replies.

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