ART 110 Anne Arundel Communit

Identify an artwork or object
Consider the artwork, ideas and images we have studied in class to date. Look around you and find an
example of art: locate a painting, a building, or a public sculpture in your area. You do not need to visit
a gallery: simply look around you. This assignment asks you to reconsider, to re-see, what you might
walk by without even noticing it. Look at a public building or plaza, a mural, a park, a gated entryway,
a painting, a public sculpture, etc.
Ask questions
Whatever you find, apply the concepts and practices pertaining to visual art that we have discussed in
class. You can do this by asking yourself questions about what you see. For example, what is the subject
matter of your selected object? You might also ask how do spatial arrangements impact the work. How
about the composition, use of light and shadow, color and texture? How does the scale of the work
create impact? What about the level of realism, abstraction, or representation of the human figure? If
you look at an architectural structure, study the facade and look at how people move around or through
it. If you look at a 2-dimentional work, where is the painting hung and who gets to see it? These are
just a few of the many questions you can ask. Identify at least two questions that help you understand
or explore your selected object.
Take a selfie and other photos
After you have selected an object and identified questions, snap a selfie next to the object. Then snap
additional photos of the object in such a way that you make clear what the object is and it relates to
the questions you have asked about it. For example, details in your photo could show color and texture;
people standing next to the object can show scale and orientation. Be creative – use your photos to
show what you know about how your work of art is put together and what its impact is.
Post your photos, questions and analyses to Blackboard
Post your photos to the Blackboard discussion board (located in Assignments) under a thread titled
with your name. When you post your photos, identify your work, list your questions, and describe how
your photos help you respond to your questions.
Compare your selected object to an image from the textbook
Lastly, choose an image from the online textbook that your work reminds you of. Copy the image and
post your image on Blackboard. Include a brief description of the image you chose, and describe why
you chose thisimage and how it relates to the work you chose in your community. The work you choose
from the book does not have to be a perfect match. You just need to demonstrate that you can see
similar concepts, ideas, practices, etc.

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