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In this lesson, we began talking seriously about satire. Satire is a form of comedy. Many comedians feel that they need to be able to cross the lines of typical propriety because exaggeration and shock value is so vital to effectively communicating their points. For example, comedian Daniel Tosh has faced public outrage regarding his lighthearted jokes about sexual assault and famous satirist Stephen Colbert was accused of racism after a joke from his show was taken out of context was placed on social media.

For this Apply, develop an opinion on this topic. Should the extreme speech of comedians (especially satirists) be supported? Or are there certain things that satirists should not joke about? Remember what you learned about nuance in Unit 1. Where is the line that comedians should not cross, or why do you believe that there isn’t one?

Your response should be no more than 250 words. Use specific examples from modern comedians to support your position. This means you will need at least one MLA citation.

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