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instructions for Brief # 2

Committees in Congress Brief (#2): Students are required to turn in an analysis of any two permanent (or standing) committees from either the House or the Senate. Examples of standing/permanent committees in the House include: Agriculture Committee; Appropriations; Armed Services; Budget; Energy and Commerce; among others. Examples of standing/permanent committees in the Senate include: Foreign Relations Committee; Judiciary; Veterans’ Affairs among others. The house.gov page and the senate.gov page have a full list of committees in each chamber.

For this assignment, compare and contrast any two committees in the Congress. For each committee – consider the following questions: What does the Committee do? What is its partisan composition currently? Does the Committee as a whole have ideological preferences, i.e. in favor of some constituency – farmers, veterans, immigrants, etc? Other forms of ideological preferences include: support (or lack of support) for certain kinds of spending such as military, social welfare, etc. Are preferences within the Committee split along partisan lines? What is the history of the committee in terms of its contribution to policy making in its area of expertise? Is it a prestige committee or a backwater committee? What does the profile (length of service; fund-raising ability, influence, other) of the members of the Committee suggest about the importance of this committee? Does this committee function differently when controlled by one party as opposed to the other? Has this committee been differently influential during Democratic vs. Republican presidents? How influential has this committee been during the current Trump administration? In what ways have rules & procedures both within the Committees and in their larger bodies (either Senate or House) either facilitated or blocked the influence of these committees in law making?

In your comparison of the two committees selected – how are both committees selected by you different and/or similar in some of the above questions? What might explain similarities/differences between both committees? Discuss.

For researching this Brief – use Google to find the homepages of the two Committees you are interested in examining. Use Google to find news media and other articles pertaining to the influence of the committees. Use Google Scholar to find scholarly articles pertaining to the committees. Thomas.gov is another resource to examine Committee markups, discussions, votes, etc. JSTOR available

The analysis should be between 3 to 4 pages in length with 1-inch margins, 12-point font and double spaced. A minimum of three citations is required for this assignment.

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