Antipsychotic drugs are widely

Antipsychotic drugs are widely prescribed for conditions such as schizophrenia and bipolar disease. The article “Cardiometabolic Risk of Second-Generation Antipsychotic Medications During First-Time Use in Children and Adolescents” (J. of the Amer. Med. Assoc., 2009: 1765–1773) reported on body composition and metabolic changes for individuals who had taken various antipsychotic drugs for short periods of time.

a. The sample of 41 individuals who had taken aripiprazole had a mean change in total cholesterol (mg/dL) of 3.75, and the estimated standard error  was 3.878. Calculate a confidence interval with confidence level approximately 95% for the true average increase intotal cholesterol under these circumstances (the cited article included this CI).

b. For the sample of 45 individuals who had taken olanzapine, the article reported (7.38, 9.69) as a 95% CI for true average weight gain (kg). What is a 99% CI?

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