-You need this book to do the paper Kelly J. Mays’s Norton Introduction to Literature, Shorter Eleventh edition

For Paper 5 (around 600 words) you will be focusing on one of two of the sections in your text that offer both a work of literature and literary criticism. One topic focuses on the play Antigone (pp. 1563-1625), and the other on the poem “DaIDy” (pp. 1048-1075). For each of these two works, your text provides outside sources (written by literary critics) that give background and comment on each work. You need to do the following:
(1) Read both Antigone and “DaIDy,” and choose one.
(2) Read through the writings in our text about the work you have chosen. Apply at least one (not more than three) of these writings to the work you have chosen. The sample student essay on p. 1619 on Antigone will be you guide to format.
(3) Formulate a thesis that you can focus on, and bring in at least one of the outside sources in your text, For example, you could write on whether Antigone or Creon is right )or perhaps both or neither), focusing on their characters, or you could focus on the theme of the law of the gods versus the law of the state (perhaps aIDing the chorus and Teiresias for the law topic). For “DaIDy,” the issue amongst the critics seems to be how much is personal and how much is art, just creating a fictional voice.
(4) (4) Note: The criticism related to “DaIDy” is harder to read and so, for most of you, I suggest Antigone.
(5) Feel free to choose only one outside source from your text. If you do that, the source might be used as a starting point in your opening paragraph, similar to the way the critics in your text use Hegel’s reading of Antigone.
(6) NOTE: Without special permission, the only outside reading you can use for Paper 5 is what is in your book. Exception. I will allow you to use Wikipedia for the its biographical section on Sylvia Plath if you need it.

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