RUNNING HEAD: Antecedents, Behaviors, & Consequences

Antecedents, Behaviors, & Consequences

Antecedents, Behaviors, & Consequences

Psy 7704

Capella University

Olivia Tyler

ABC Datasheet

Date/Time Antecedents/Setting Events Behaviors Consequences
8/12/16 Julie ask question/class responds Ramone does not respond with group Teacher calls on Ramone
8/12/16 Teacher gives each student a chance to solve problems on the board Ramone pokes students with pencils when it’s close to his turn Verbal prompt from teacher to keep his hands to himself
8/12/16 Ramone’s turn to solve a problem Ramone drops all of his materials on the floor Ramone has to pick up his materials before he can have a turn
8/12/16 Teacher ask Ramone to come to board to solve problem Ramone refuses Verbal prompt from teacher
8/12/16 Ramone prompted to come to board and solve problem Ramone refuses and starts poking his peers Verbal reprimand from teacher and loses turn to solve problem on the board
8/12/16 Ramone tells teaching assistant that he knows how to do the problem, she ask him to show her. He refuses and shouts at her. She sends him to the principal’s office.

Setting Events

The setting events (antecedents) of Ramone’s behaviors range from his classmates asking a question, being prompted by a teacher to respond with the class, Ramone’s teacher asking him to solve a problem on the board, to his teacher prompting him to participate after his refusal. The antecedents took place during math class and only happened when Ramone had to participate or show that he knew what was going on.

Patterns and Consistencies

The pattern that took place during this scenario was that every time Ramone had to participate with the class or was called on in math class he refused and engaged in problem behavior. His behaviors function was to escape from doing the math work, which the teacher frequently reinforced by letting him skip his turn and go to the principal’s office.

Disruptive Behaviors

Ramone’s disruptive behaviors included poking his peers, refusing to answer the questions and participate, dropping his materials, and shouting at the teacher. All of the antecedents of his behaviors had to do with the teacher asking him to participate in the math lesson or being prompted to do something that pertained to the math lesson. The consequences that Ramone received were negatively reinforcing his behaviors. Ramone wanted to escape the math activity and by being prompted to clean up his materials first, losing his turn in the group activity, and getting sent to the principal got him out of participating.

Cooperative Behaviors

Instead of letting Ramone escape from participating the teacher could have gotten Ramone to show her that he knew how to do the problem at his desk on his paper, since there was a teacher and a teaching assistant one could have ran the group activity while the other worked with Ramone. He obviously needed help with the section and will not receive it in the principal’s office. Pinpointing those antecedents would have helped the teacher not reinforce his negative behaviors. Ramone could have instead shown the teacher his problem at his desk one-on-one then been positively been reinforced for solving the problem. If he needed help then he could have received it privately and then been reinforced for working hard to get the correct answer. Once Ramone understood the math problem, he could have been a chance to work the problem out on the board. If he participated without any of the negative behaviors then he could have been reinforced for his participation. Reinforcing him would also cut down on his disruptive behaviors and hopefully make him more likely to participate and tell the teacher if he needs help.


Chandler, Lynette K., Carol Dahlquist. Functional Assessment: Strategies to Prevent and Remediate Challenging Behavior in School Settings, 3/e Vitalsource for Capella University. Pearson Learning Solutions, 07/2012. VitalBook file.

Student: Ramone Setting: Classroom Observer: Olivia Tyler

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