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  1. Memo exercise

You are an analyst at Apple Music. It’s June 21, 2015, and this morning, Taylor Swift posted her Open Letter to Apple Music. Internet reactions have been coming in and on the whole are very favorable to Swift’s position. Your supervisor, Tom Hitchner, has asked you to write him a memo briefly summarizing Swift’s letter, giving your opinion of its significance, and offering a recommendation. (What you recommend is up to you: it could be a change in Apple’s policy, a meeting to make a decision, or even no action.)

Use the guidelines to memos given in Successful Writing at Work Chapter 4 when crafting your memo. The memo should be no more than one and a half pages, and it may be possible to limit it to one page. Remember that the memo is being addressed to your boss, which should determine the level of formality you adopt.
(follow the instructions in pdf for memo)

2. How does Swift separate the people from the problem? What does she do or avoid doing that fits the above principles?(200 word)
3. Is there anything Swift could add or remove from the letter that would separate the people from the problem more?(200 word)

(Summit in two separate documents, one memo and two questions

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