answer the questions on the case study that i have uploaded (Danone: Talent Management in Asia )

Topic: answer the questions on the case study that i have uploaded (Danone: Talent Management in Asia )

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Hello, I want my paper to be simple and easy to read without hard vocabulary.
I will upload the case study Danone: Talent Management in Asia and the questions are at the end of the case in the last page. There are 2 parts of questions A and B. (don’t answer the last question in part B)

Please read the Danone case and write a written report answering the questions, I want it simple please include each question for each answer for both part A and B.
Part A (5 questions)
Part B (6 questions)

Please do not copy and paste information, write the answers in your own words.

NOTE: You can do some research for some of the questions in part A.

A. Asian Context and the war for Talents in China
1. What do you think about attraction and recruitment in Asia for MNCs?
2. Could you explain what is the war for talent in Asia and what does it mean?
3. How does Danone face this issue in Asia? In China? How to balance a local talent pipeline and expatriation?
4. Do you think expatriates from Danone can aID value in china? Why and how?
5. How does Danone tackle the issue of integrating multi-cultural employees?

B. “Bo Le”: A Talent Management Program to attract and retain Young Talents:
1. describe how this program is embeIDed into and actively supported by HR community of Danone group.
2. How would you analyze the benefits and drawbacks of “Bo Le” program?
3. Identify the key stakes and the potential pitfalls. What are the key features of change process?
4. What are the key factors for success?
5. Could you compare the Talent Management program in Indonesia and China?
6. What kind of recommendations would you propose to attract, develop and retain young Chinese talents both now and in the future?
• You are suppose to implement a similar strategy in Latin America, how would you structure you arguments to entice your leadership tea? (This last question is deleted, do NOT answer it)

For research outside the case study, these links could help you get the idea of the case study, but please I want all the answers for the questions to be from the case study that I have uploaded

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