Answer the questions in 400 words

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Answer the following questions in 400 words

  1. Several years ago, the U.S. Congress canceled funding for the development of a battery-powered electric vehicle. Do you think that was a good decision? Can you imagine what the pros and cons were?
  2. You are in charge of the selection and implementation of a new project management software package in your organization. Develop a project plan and explain the details.
  3. Assume that you are working for a computer manufacturer as a software engineer and that you are told abruptly that your project will be canceled within 4 weeks. List the questions that you would have for management. After absorbing the shock, what would you do?

Answer in proper APA format including Times New Roman with font size 12 and double spaced with proper references and in text citations.

One of the reference should be this book:

Shtub, A., Rosenwein, M. (2019). Project Management: Processes, Methodologies, and Economics 3th ed. Pearson.

Feel free to add other references as well.

Make sure NO plagiarism

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