Answer the following questions in 1 – 2 short paragraphs each. Lecture Review. Art.

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Answer the following questions in 1 – 2 short paragraphs each.

1. Explain how rotoscoping is related to both early film technology and early animation devices. How have the applications of rotoscoping shifted from the late 1890s to today?

2. According to the lecture text, describe three different elements that artists should consider when creating rotoscopes of video or film footage. Describe how you are planning to work with these elements within your Module 1 Rotoscope Projects.

3. Describe two styles observed in either the Peking Duk or Sia music video rotoscopes that you find inspiring or unique, and note their timecode and duration (for example, at 2:01 in the Sia video, for 2 seconds, the rotoscope animation replaces the filmed subjects figure with that of an animated fox). How do these styles utilize the rotoscoping to create unique, surprising and/or interesting images.

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