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A quality research report (min. 2500 words ), that will provide a comparative analysis of what researchers (peer reviewed) claim to be the influential constructs of AI. Proper APA citations are required

The requirement of your research is expected to be built and constitutes the five-chapter model. This document is not intended to be a one-time or static document. The Research Report needs to be 10 to 12 pages in length (not including the front and back matter and needs to be written in the past and present tense, as appropriate.

The Research Report should be a complete and concise document that establishes your credentials as a relative expert in the domain of your study. In all cases, a good understanding of the specific domain will be necessary for the successful completion of your study. It is vital that you stay current in the literature germane to the study you are conducting and update the chapters accordingly.

Skeleton of the report should look like below.

Chapter 1- Background/Introduction

In this section, present enough information about the proposed work so that the reader understands the general context or setting. It is also helpful to include a summary of how this document is organized.


This section introduces the reader to the structural content of your Research Report

Relevance and Significance

This section provides the necessary support for both the problem statement of your study. Consider the following questions and support your discussion by citing the research literature:

· Why is there a problem? What groups or individuals are affected?

· How far-ranging is the problem and how great is its impact? What’s the benefit of solving the problem?

· What has been tried without success to correct the situation? Why weren’t those attempts successful?

· What are the consequences of not solving the problem?

· How does the goal of your study address the research problem and how will your proposed study offer promise as a resolution to the problem?

· How will your research add to the knowledge base?

· What is the potential for generalization of your results?

· What is the potential for original work?

Barriers and Issues

In this section, identify how the problem is inherently difficult to solve. You should also show how the solution you propose are difficult to obtain (unlike a book report). You should show the study you propose is of adequate difficulty to warrant a successful grade assignment. What issues do you expect to be confronted with that will limit the viability of your finding and conclusion?

Chapter 5: Conclusion

· Conclusions – Clearly state the conclusions of the study based on the analysis performed and results achieved. Indicate by the evidence or logical development the extent to which the specified objectives have been accomplished. If the research has been guided by hypotheses, make a statement as to whether the data supported or rejected these hypotheses. Discuss alternative explanations for the findings, if appropriate. Delineate strengths, weaknesses, and limitations of the study.

· Implications – Discuss the impact of the work on the field of study and its contributions to knowledge and professional practice. Discuss implications for future research.

· Recommendations – Present recommendations for future research or for changes in research methods or theoretical concepts. As appropriate, present recommendations for changes in academic practice, professional practice, or organizational procedures, practices, and behavior.


Follow the most current version of APA to format your references. However, each reference should be single-spaced with a double space between each cited entry. Make sure that every citation is referenced and every reference is cited.

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answer the following question

  • Understand the concept of Batch Production Process.
  • To manage the level of Inventory.
  • To take the decision of New product Development.
  • How to reduce waste in the Production Process.

Case Study

The Company

The Lew-Mark Baking Company is located in a small town in western New York State.

The bakery is run by two brothers. Lew and Mark, who formed the company after they

purchased an Archway Cookie franchise. With exclusive rights in New York and New Jersey,

it is the largest Archway franchise. The company employs fewer than 200 people, mainly blue-collar workers, and the atmosphere is informal.

The Product

The company’s only product is soft cookies, of which it makes over 50 varieties. Larger

companies, such as Nabisco, Sunshine, and Keebler, have traditionally produced biscuit cookies,

in which most of the water has been baked out, resulting in crisp cookies. Archway cookies have

no additives or preservatives. The high quality of the cookies has enabled the company to develop a strong market niche for its product.

The Customers

The cookies are sold in convenience stores and supermarkets throughout New York and

New Jersey. Archway markets its cookies as “good food” no additives or preservatives and this

appeals to a health-conscious segment of the market. Many customers are over 45 years of age,

and prefer a cookie that is soft and not too sweet. Parents with young children also buy the


The Production Process

The company has two continuous band ovens that it uses to bake the cookies. The production

process is called a batch processing system. It begins as soon as management gets orders from

distributors. These orders are used to schedule production. At the start of each shift, a list of the

cookies to be made that day is delivered to the person in charge of mixing. That person checks

a master list, which indicates the ingredients needed for each type of cookie, and enters that

information into the computer. The computer then determines the amount of each ingredient

needed, according to the quantity of cookies ordered, and relays that information to storage silos

located outside the plant where the main ingredients (flour, sugar, and cake flour) are stored. The

ingredients are automatically sent to giant mixing machines where the ingredients are combined

with proper amounts of eggs, water, and flavorings. After the ingredients have been mixed, the

batter is poured into a cutting machine where it is cut into individual cookies. The cookies are

then dropped onto a conveyor belt and transported through one of two ovens. Filled cookies, such as apple, date, and raspberry, require an additional step for filling and folding.

The nonfilled cookies are cut on a diagonal rather than round. The diagonal-cut cookies

require less space than straight-cut cookies, and the result is a higher level of productivity. In

addition, the company recently increased the length of each oven by 25 feet, which also increased the rate of production.

As the cookies emerge from the ovens, they are fed onto spiral cooling racks 20 feet high

and 3 feet wide. As the cookies come off the cooling racks, workers place the cookies into boxes

manually, removing any broken or deformed cookies in the process. The boxes are then wrapped, sealed, and labeled automatically.


Most cookies are loaded immediately onto trucks and shipped to distributors. A small

percentage is stored temporarily in the company’s warehouse, but they must be shipped shortly

because of their limited shelf life. Other inventory includes individual cookie boxes, shipping

boxes, labels, and cellophane for wrapping. Labels are reordered frequently, in small batches,

because FDA label requirements are subject to change, and the company does not want to get

stuck with labels it can’t use. The bulk silos are refilled two or three times a week, depending

on how quickly supplies are used.

Cookies are baked in a sequence that minimizes downtime for cleaning. For instance, light-colored cookies (e.g., chocolate chip) are baked before dark-colored cookies (e.g., fudge), and

oatmeal cookies are baked before oatmeal raisin cookies. This permits the company to avoid

having to clean the processing equipment every time a different type of cookie is produced.


The bakery prides itself on the quality of its cookies. A quality control inspector sample

cookies randomly as they come off the line to assure that their taste and consistency are

satisfactory, and that they have been baked to the proper degree. Also, workers on the line are

responsible for removing defective cookies when they spot them.


The bakery is run very efficiently and has minimal amounts of scrap. For example, if a

batch is mixed improperly; it is sold for dog food. Broken cookies are used in the oatmeal

cookies. These practices reduce the cost of ingredients and save on waste disposal costs. The

company also uses heat reclamation: The heat that escapes from the two ovens is captured

and used to boil the water that supplies the heat to the building. Also, the use of automation

in the mixing process has resulted in a reduction in waste compared with the manual methods

used previously.

New Products

Ideas for new products come from customers, employees, and observations of competitors’

products. New ideas are first examined to determine whether the cookies can be made with

existing equipment. If so, a sample run is made to determine the cost and time requirements. If

the results are satisfactory, marketing tests are conducted to see if there is a demand for the


Potential Improvements

There are a number of areas of potential improvement at the bakery. One possibility would

he automates packing the cookies into boxes. Although labor costs are not high, automating the

process might save some money and increase efficiency. So far, the owners have resisted

making this change because they feel an obligation to the community to employ the 30 women

who now do the boxing manually? Another possible improvement would be to use suppliers who

are located closer to the plant. That would reduce delivery lead times and transportation costs,

but the owners are not convinced that local suppliers could provide the same good quality. Other

opportunities have been proposed in recent years, but the owner rejected them because they

feared that the quality of the product might suffer.


1. Briefly describe the cookie production process.(1 Mark) 150 words

2. What are two ways that the company has increased productivity? Why did increasing the

length of the ovens results in a faster output?(1 Mark) 150 words

3. Do you think that the company is making the right decision by not automating the packing

of cookies? Explain your reasoning. What obligation does a company have to its employees

in a situation such as this?(2 Marks) 200 Words

4. What factors cause Lew-mark to carry minimal amounts of certain inventories? What

benefits result from this policy?(1 Marks) 100 words

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answer the following question

Minitab Application:

We are going to perform a gauge R&R on any measuring device. I am going to suggest the assignment below. If you do not have a digital scale, you can find any measuring device (find a ruler, measuring tape etc and construct and experiment).

Note: If you want to use another experiment at your job or another device, it will also be fine (but you need to send the experiment to me for approval by Thursday (6/3).

Material needed:

1.5 or 10 bottles of water

2.Digital measuring scale


4.People (about 2-3 operators excluding yourself)

5.Slide from Week 4 on how to conduct an MSA


1.Get 10 bottles of the water (they have to be same size) – 10 small bottle or 10 larger bottles

2.Using a marker numbers the bottles (1, 2, ….10) so that only you will know the number for each bottle (You could put it a tape over the number so the operators do not know which bottle that they are measuring.

3.Select at least 3 operators for the study. Open a Minitab worksheet and enter the following information:

a.Bottle number (at random order)

b.Operator name (at random order) … so the same operator is not measuring all the parts at the same time


Experiment: If you use at least 10 parts and at least 3 operators, having each operator measure each part at least 2 times, in random order (not that the same time).

1.Have each operator measure each part twice using the following instructions:

a.Take out a few drops of water from some of the bottles, so they LOOK the same but they are not really the same on a digital scale.

b.Number each bottle so only you know which bottle is related to the random number on the spreadsheet in Minitab.

c.Arrange the bottles in a random order (you need to know the number on the bottle to enter the result in the correct place on the spreadsheet)

d.Have Operator 1 weigh each bottle and give you the weight of the bottle. Enter this information into your spreadsheet. (it is better to bring in Operator 2 next but if you only have operator 1 then do the following)

e.Again, Arrange the bottles in a random order and have Operator 1 weigh each bottle and give you the weight of the bottle. Enter this information into your spreadsheet.

f.Arrange the bottles in a random order and have Operator 2 weigh each bottle and give you the weight of the bottle. Enter this information into your spreadsheet.

g.Again, Arrange the bottles in a random order and have Operator 2 weigh each bottle and give you the weight of the bottle. Enter this information into your spreadsheet.

4.Use Minitab to calculate %R&R. Conduct a MSA analysis and comment on the results

a.What are the major sources of measurement error?

b.How much measurement error exists in comparison to the process variation? In comparison to the customer requirements?

c.Is the measurement system acceptable for the process improvement efforts?

d.If not, what actions do you suggest?

e.How were the samples chosen?

f.Was the team sensitive to sub-grouping for sample selection?

Addition to that question: solve this one using word And excel. 2 separate files with same answers but different programs.

Thank you

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answer the following question

Course Learning Outcomes-Covered

  • Define different perspectives and concepts of problem solving in diverse contexts and business situations.
  • Explain and apply critical thinking and cognitive psychology as it pertains to analyze and synthesize information for problem solving and decision making.
  • Demonstrate decision tools and employ appropriate analytical business models to break down complex issues.
  • Analyze ethical issues and dilemmas that businesses often face and employ ethical standards in all manners and circumstances.

Critical Thinking Case studies:

It came to the attention of the Mr. Faisal Al Qarni, CEO of a Alqarni company (A small Jeddah based company) that there was a difficulty between two employees who had been working together for some time but recently appeared to have major differences that were affecting their entire department.

Two employees Amal and Haifa had been working together for a few years. They were in the same department and reported to the same departmental manager. Amal had been at the company longer and was senior to Haifa.

Mr. Faisal was being approached by both Amal and Haifa at different times. They complaint against each other about the harassment and bullying. Mr. Faisal asked HR Manager to listen their issues and try to resolve as soon as possible. HR Manager has spent increasing amounts of time speaking to them, taking notes of their points and comments, meeting with their department manager.

Haifa had felt under pressure from Amal since she joined the company. She raised the issue with her departmental manager; however, she felt that nothing had changed. Both the parties were accusing the other of bullying and harassment.

Amal had a no-nonsense approach and felt that some aspects of Haifa’s work needed improvement. She had asked for these changes in ways that she felt had been clear and fair. Haifa kept going to management with the allegation of bullying by Amal.

Haifa felt her work performance had been made subject to very public comment in team meetings and she felt embarrassed and singled out. She felt she could do no right as far as Amal was concerned. She liked her job. It was close to her home so she was able to take her children to school and pick them up on her way home.

Both parties were thinking about leaving if the situation could not be worked out. They reluctantly agreed to mediation but neither wanted to change jobs.

Consider yourself as HR Manager and resolve the entire issue.

Assignment Question(s):

  • What are the main problem and subproblems of the case? Based on the following technique, identify the causes of problem?
  • What information should you gather, that would be helpful to know before making a decision?
  • Develop a mind map to generate several choices of your decision. As HR Manager, what will be your decision to resolve this issue?
  • HR Manager may face Ethical dilemma in resolving the issue and finding solutions. What could be possible ethical issues in the above case?
  • Cause of the problem- 5 Why Technique
    • Why-1
    • Why-2
    • Why-3
    • Why-4
    • Why-5
  • Develop a Cause-and-Effect Diagram


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Answer the following question

Assignment Details

The project involves studying the IT infrastructure of a relevant information system (IS)/ information technology (IT) used by selecting any organization of your choice locally or internationally

The idea is to investigate the selected organization using the main components of IT (Hardware, software, services, data management and networking). Infrastructure Investigation, which is in a selected industry, should be carried out by using articles, websites, books and journal papers and /or interviews. In the report, you are expected to discuss:

Project Report Structure: Part 1

  • Cover PageThis must contain topic title, student names and Students ID, section number and course name. (you can find the cover page in the blackboard)
  • Table of Contents Make sure the table of contents contains and corresponds to the headings in the text, figures, and tables.
  • Executive Summary What does the assignment about, briefly explain the distinct features
  • Organizational Profile Brief background of the business including organization details, purpose, and organizational structure.
  • Strategies Discuss different types of strategies for competitive advantages and then select and discuss the most appropriate strategies to improve the performance of the organization.
  • Technology Involved How is the organization set up in terms of its IT infrastructure? Discuss the hardware, software, telecommunication, information security, networks, and other elements.

Hint: You can discuss any points that you learned in this course and its related to your selected organization

Hint: You can discuss any points that you learned in this course and its related to your selected organization

Part 3: Presentation

Submission: Instructors will manage the date and time for presentation during week 13&14

Make a power-point presentation of your Project work mentioning all the above contents and present in a group. There must be minimum 10 slides in the presentation with a good background design, readable font size and style with appropriate color.

Presentation must have the following format:

  • First slide: Group members name and Student id & Title of the Project
  • Company Profile
  • Strategies
  • Technology Involved
  • Analysis of Existing System
  • Possible solutions and suggestions
  • Conclusion
  • References

Guidelines for the assignment:

  • Use font Times New Roman, 12 font sizes
  • Use 1.5 line spacing with adjust to all paragraphs (alignment).
  • Use the footer function to insert page number.
  • Ensure that you follow the APA style in your project and references.
  • The minimum number of required references is 5.
  • Your project report length Part 1 & Part 2 should be between 2500 to 3000 words in total.
  • You must check the spelling and grammar mistakes before submitting the assignment.
  • Up to 20% of the total grade will be deducted for providing a poor structure of assignment. Structure includes these elements paper style, free of spelling and grammar mistakes, referencing and word count.
  • Assignment must be in Word format only NO PDF
  • Your file should be saved as Word doc[Example]: [Your Name] [CRN] MIS201 – Project Assignment Part 1.doc

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answer the following question

answer the following question clearly so I can read it, and please show the calculations.

The year is 2019. Bob and Mary Smith have been married for 30 years and have resided in Canada their entire lives. Bob is a self-employed accountant who earned $150,000 in 2019. Mary is a VP at a large toy company and earned $220,000 in 2019. Bob and Mary have two children, Max and Bob Jr. Both children have finished college and are no longer dependant on Bob and Mary. Bob was born on July 19, 1963, and Mary was born on December 14, 1964.

Bob has contributed consistently to his RRSP and has a balance of $445,000 in his personal RRSP. He also has carried forward in terms of RRSP room in the amount of $23,500.

Bob has maximized his TFSA on an annual basis. He has yet to contribute to his TFSA in 2020. The balance in Bob’s TFSA account is $97,500.

According to CRA Bob will receive $900 per month in CPP at age 65. At age 65 Bob will have contributed to CPP for 40 years.

Mary is a member of a DCPP. Her company matches her 3% contribution to this plan. Mary has also contributed to her RRSP annually. She presently has $375,000 in her RRSP and $260,000 in her DCPP.

Mary has $29,500 in RRSP carry forward.

Mary has maximized her TFSA annually and presently has a balance of $105,000 in her TFSA. She has yet to contribute to her TFSA in 2020.

According to CRA Mary will receive $1100 per month in CPP at age 65. At age 65 Mary will have contributed to CPP for 40 years.

Based on this information please provide answers to the following questions.

  1. If Bob retires at age 60 and takes his CPP at age 60 how much per month in CPP will Bob receive?
  2. Mary intends on working to age 67 because she loves her job. How much CPP will she receive at age 67?
  3. Assume Bob and Mary decide to both retire at age 65. If they assign their CPP benefits how much will each receive in CPP? How much is Mary’s assignable portion of her CPP?

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Answer the following question

I need help with a Writing question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

Subject: Operational Excellence

Discussion: This discussion we focus on what non-executives need to know regarding technology. Especially in regard to innovation technology. Please note some key foundational factors that non-executives need to know and understand regarding technology. Also, note how non-IT departments interact with IT and how the change in the market will change how business is performed.


Need minimum of 300 words.

Need 3 APA References

Use Side headings to address the content.

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