answer the below 3 questions in detail 3

Philosophical Advocate

Philosopher Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Ph.D.
Dr. King’s “Nonviolent Philosophy of Civil Disobedience” [active nonviolent resistance]

Please Answer the below questions in detail and identify the source of each of your comments.

1. Explain in detail how Dr. King defines “active nonviolent disobedience.”

2. Explain in detail actions that Dr. King suggests that the people do to practice “nonviolent direct action.”

3. a. Do you agree that “nonviolent civil disobedience” is a philosophical stance?

b. Explain your position in detail.

Also add background information that necessitated reverting to active nonviolent disobedience from the following sources.


Soccio 534-538 “Letter from Birmingham Jail” April 16, 1963

His later reading of the letter (

Additionally, I have attached Martin Luther King Speaks on the Necessity of Civil Disobedience you may find useful information from it.

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