answer the 4 questions by writing 4 paragraphs.

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60 Min. – Trey Parker & Matt Stone (Links to an external site.)60 Min. - Trey Parker & Matt Stone

A caution: Most will find the material tasteful and appropriate, while other may find it offensive. The CBS 60 Minutes program takes a inside look at the creators of South Park and their highly successful broadway show and cable show. After viewing the piece, compose a four paragraph analysis of the segment examining the following: Are their limits to free speech? Do some of their episodes and brand of comedy step over the line of sensibility and consideration for religious belief? Identify a principle of communication the creators have discovered that have made them successful and cite a source to support. The last paragraph addresses your sentiments regarding their brand of comedy. Use in-text citations from the Textbook, PPT lectures, and one other source (besides

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