Answer few parts listed below of 10 K form Disney for international business class

I’m working on a Business question and need guidance to help me study.

This is a group project, do what I highlighted in yellow in the document its towards the end. It’s not a big portion of work. You just have to look at the 10 K disney form that I will insert and you just have to find the answers in there. Please be thorough with the answers. I’m also going to need a few references if you look at step 2 and step 3 including the red paragraph at the end.

From professor:

Each team must cite at least 10 quotes from this report. Only use the attached 10K and Case Book. Provide a reference page with each page number for each quote and what section of your paper it is to be found. So site at least 3 quotes for me please. My other team members will do the rest of the quotes.

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