Answer each question

Answer each question with 300-word minimum:

1.       There are various theories that depict how or why people work. In your experience, do most people that you have worked with fall under Theory X or Theory Y?

2.       All organizations have informal leaders as well as formal leaders. Discuss the difference between informal and formal leaders. Your discussion will also include the positive and negative impacts an informal leader can have on an organization. Lastly, discuss how you would deal with an informal leader who is anti-management and attempts to get their coworkers to be anti-management as well.

3.       When examining law enforcement agencies, the most important characteristic to officers was the feeling that the job was important and yielded a feeling of accomplishment. Job satisfaction differs for each employee, but studies seem to confirm that essential elements include a wide range of ambient factors, such as positive relationships with supervisors.

a.       As a supervisor, what could you do to strengthen your positive relationship with your subordinates?

4.       Read the case study on Officer Robert Clark (pages 353–355). Attached.

If you were Sergeant Gregory, how would you “straighten up” Officer Clarke? What steps would you take to correct the problems? Can the problems Officer Clarke is experiencing be overcome with minimal effort, or will it take more substantial action to correct his behavior?

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