Answer each of those 4 discussions separately

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First one: Describe the reentry crisis.

List at least three factors that contributed to the crisis.

Second one: What are examples of collateral consequences that make it difficult for prisoners to successfully reenter society?

List five separate examples and then discuss with your peers.

Third one: Consider the following quote from the lecture:

“In order to reverse the current trends we will have to find a way to re-allocate the money, political influence, and jobs that the current system provides. This will not be easy and it will take many years to wean us off the excessive use of


What does this mean to you? How would you suggest we reprioritize our resources to address the issues surrounding crime and violence in this country?

Fourth one:Consider the following from the lecture:

“The overarching goal of the CJ system should be to allow individuals to maximize their chances of moving past their criminal records to lead productive post-punishment lives. This is the challenge moving forward.”

In two paragraphs, what does this mean to you?

Considering everything you’ve learned in class, what is the “silver bullet” to reduce recidivism? Is there one?