Answer Case study questions in 2 pages

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Answer the below questions in 2 pages:

  1. Why are public works projects like the Honolulu Rail project nearly impossible to stop once they have been approved, even if later cost estimates skyrocket?
  2. Project Management researchers have charged that many large infrastructure projects, like this one, suffer from “delusion” and “deception” on the parts of their advocates. Explain how “delusion” might be a cause of ballooning budgets in this project. How does “deception” affect the final project budget overruns?

Answer in proper APA format including Times New Roman with font size 12 and double spaced with proper references and in text citations.

One of the reference should be this book:

Pinto, J.K. (2019). Project Management: Achieving Competitive Advantage (5thed). Boston: Pearson

Feel free to add other references as well.

Make sure NO plagiarism

Please find the attached Casestudy screenshots.

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