Answer 2 discussions and reply to 1 students.

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BOTH DISCUSSIONS ARE FROM THE SAME BOOK. After discussion, reply to 1 student.

Discussion 1: Chapter 11

  • Using the information provided in the chapter, access a website of one of the professional organizations in your area of interest/major. In your discussion response, share with your classmates the: fees for membership, membership benefits, and the organizations’ publications. Be sure to check to see if they have special rates and benefits for students.
  • Even though you are a student, there is no time like the present. The job force is competitive! Tell us your five year plan to enhance your credentials. Specifically, in addition to the requirements of your degree program, what other opportunities will you pursue (e.g., certifications, extracurricular activities, and employment) to enhance your professional qualifications?

My major is Kinesiology with a minor in psychology ( I am planning on applying to an occupational therapy located here in south Texas)

Discussion 2:Chapter 13

Worksite wellness programs continue to grow. Should employees be mandated to participate in these programs to reduce the burden of health care costs? Why, or why not?

Describe the various employment opportunities for a fitness or exercise professional. Search for jobs online; describe the positions that you found available and qualifications required for employment.

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