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For this assignment you must be familiar with early childhood development ,preschool, and assessment . Early childhood teachers promote social/emotional development by promoting responsive and respectful interactions with each child in their classroom. For this photo journal, you will select five (5) of the criteria below and provide a photo and anecdote that will demonstrate competence in the criteria.Make sure you are familiar with this list early on in your student teaching.

You will then create a 1 page “scrap-book” like format

Teachers demonstrate empathy and caring for children in distress from physical or social/psychological pain.

Teachers encourage children to show empathy towards their peers in physical, psychological/social distress.

Teachers talk about the perspectives of others to enable children to understand the goals of others’ behavior.

Teachers provide opportunities for children to take initiative in learning. They give them opportunities to make new discoveries or try new things or solve problems with support but limited teacher direction or intrusion.

During free play time, teachers participate in pretend play, demonstrating the various support strategies which enhance the children’s play.

Teachers engaged regularly in conversations, reciprocal interactions, with children in which the children do most of the talking while the teachers listen responsively.

Children interact easily with their peers during play activities and engage in increasingly longer cooperation or collaborations of play, problem-solving and creativity.

During conflicts among children, teachers facilitate children solving their own problems by guiding a discussion among the children, building upon each child’s strengths and protecting each child’s vulnerability.

Teachers guide children to increasing levels of self-regulation of emotions and feelings to enable prosocial behavior in the form of cooperation, responsibility and autonomy.

Teachers provide sufficient opportunity for children to develop friendships by offering adequate time to play.

For 3-hour programs, the committee has established a minimum of 45 consecutive minutes indoors (not to include clean-up) and 30 minutes outdoors *The above criteria provided by Wendy Sanders, Professor and Mentor Coordinator from College of the Desert.

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