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Please see the complete instructions in guidelines and rubric pdf file.

You will add an Update function to the To-Do list app using the following steps:

  1. Use the Milestone Six Incomplete Project files to complete this milestone.
  2. Edit the appropriate files to create an Update function. Specifically:
    1. When a user clicks a list item, display the list item’s text in the input text area
    2. When a list item’s text has been displayed in the input text area, change the Add button to an Update button
    3. When the Update button is clicked, perform the update, clear the input text field, and change the button back to Add
  3. Make sure to display your name in the final result. Displaying your name in the final results is required in all project submissions.
  4. Use the Milestone Submission Template to submit your work, and make sure to complete all of the sections of the template.

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