Analyzing the Experience of Bias: Claudia Rankine’s Citizen

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Four pages — please pay close attention to details below. Psychology unconscious bias. I do not have this book but there’s likely enough in the internet to work this, just make sure that below is covered when doing so and no plagiarism. Thanks.

Background: Claudia Rankine’s Citizen: An American Lyric, first published in 2014, combines poetry, prose, and visual images to document different forms of “everyday racism”—the sometimes unconscious ways in which stereotyped attitudes can govern relationships between friends and strangers who are racially different from each other. In evoking these experiences of racism, Rankine has said that her goal is “to understand where the bigger, scandalous aggressions come from. … So much racism is unconscious and springs from imagined fears. … It has to do with who gets pulled over, who gets locked up” (New York Times, November 29, 2014). The purpose of this essay is to analyze Rankine’s literary expression of how everyday racism is experienced by many Black Americans.

Assignment: Write a 4-page paper in which you analyze and discuss specific literary ways in which Citizen evokes the experience of racism. Draw on your knowledge of psychologists’ research on unconscious bias and conduct your own research into the social, political, or historical context of Rankine’s work. Discuss how Rankine expresses her ideas and how she makes her points by focusing on one of the following: narrative voice or point of view (“you,” “I”); repeated imagery or situations; the relationship between the visual image and the written text in one section of the work; the organization of the whole work or of an individual section. Develop and support your point about how one of these elements is used to express Rankine’s ideas with your own original close reading analysis and at least three additional sources. Note: the Works Cited page for this essay should include entries for Citizen and at least three additional sources, one of which could be Blindspot.

Tips for writing the essay ¾ Use the guidelines on close reading and our class discussions to generate ideas about your topic. ¾ Use your annotations and free writes to develop your ideas in writing. ¾ Use your reading of Blindspot to support any claims you make about unconscious bias. ¾ Use credible internet sources to research information about political, social, and historical events, art works, or literature to which Rankine refers. You may also want to refer to reviews of Rankine’s work.

Format and requirements All drafts should be typed. Peer review and revised drafts should also be formatted according to MLA guidelines: Times New Roman, 12-point font, double-spaced, 1” margins. Include a Works Cited page with your revised draft.

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