analytical essay

Assignment: To consider three sources about the Fall of Rome and write an analytical essay.




Purpose: To demonstrate proficiency in integrating historical sources and producing a well-informed analytical essay.




Part 1: Research


Examine three sources:


1.      The textbook explanation concerning the decline and fall of Rome (chapter 7).


2.      The class presentation lecture on the Roman Empire.


3.      An article on the subject (“Friends, Romans, Countrymen” – see the Reading & Study link). 




  • Write a 1,000–1,300-word essay concerning the decline and fall of the Roman Empire.
  • The paper should have a clear thesis statement, located at the end of the introduction.
  • The paper should cover the following:


    1.      The various viewpoints given in the three sources (focus on the viewpoints you agree with)

    2.      The variables involved (social, economic, military, etc.). 

    3.      Lessons the United States (our people and our government) can learn from Rome’s decline and fall.

    4.      Similarities between the actions and attitudes of ancient Rome in their decline and fall and our American society today


    Be careful that you use only the three sources provided. Use of other sources will be penalized.Textbook:




    Perry, M., Chase, M., Jacob, J. R., Jacob, M. C., & Von Laue, T. H. (2013). Western civilization: Ideas, politics, and society (10th ed.). Boston: Wadsworth, Cengage Learning. ISBN: 9781111831707.  

    Williams, S., & Friell, G. (1994). Friends, romans or countrymen? barbarians in the empire. History Today, 44(7), 34.




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