analysis on a fictional sUAS mission

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In a 2-3 page assessment, analyze and evaluate various sUAS operational scenarios to correctly associate specific practices, maneuvers, and requirements, within the context of their recommended use. As a commercial sUAS operator, you are likely to be contracted to conduct specific flight operations with specific tasks. Conduct an analysis on a fictional sUAS mission whereby you are to obtain a system, operate in an environment, conduct missions, analyze data, and then report results.

Specific components of the analysis must address certain learning outcomes, so use the following list as a guide:

  • Problem/Issue: Your company directs you to utilize an sUAS for 3D mapping of a company property on a 25-acre plot with four buildings located at 45°42’23.87″N 121°27’32.80″W.
  • Systems Characteristics: Identify the systems required to conduct the mission you have selected. This would include the aircraft, control station, communications, etc.
  • Concept: Briefly address the intended goals for elements such as platforms, equipment, operational standards, safety systems, and deployment parameters.
  • Support Requirements: In order to conduct a mission like this, what are your support requirements?
  • Recommendation: Your recommendation would include the platform and support requirements.

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