An invitation to go skiing for

An invitation to go skiing for the weekend forced Donna to look at her current wardrobe. She decided she needed a much warmer coat. Donna was in which stage of the purchase decision?

A. product evaluation

B. situational analysis

C. need recognition

D. problem screening

E. information search

122. Lexus works to keep customers happy after each sale, aiming to delight the customer in order to gain a customer for life. In this pursuit, Lexus is focused on which step of the buyer decision process?

A. need recognition

B. information search

C. evaluation of alternatives

D. purchase decision

E. post-purchase evaluation

123. If baby boomers are predictors of where product and service demand will be, increased demands will most likely be evident in ________ in the upcoming years.

A. university enrollment

B. beer and wine

C. health care

D. the apparel industry

E. the automobile industry

124. With an expected increase in ethnic diversity within the American population, marketers are most likely to place a greater emphasis on which of the following?

A. geographic segmentation

B. differing advertising messages

C. mass marketing

D. “us and them” paradigms

E. tiered markets

125. In an advertisement for a local carpet retailer, a well-known radio personality explained how the company solved his problem of replacing his old carpet. Toward what part of the consumer decision process was this ad aimed?

A. increase the chances consumers will pay attention to the commercial

B. presenting the information in such a manner so that consumers will not distort it

C. need recognition

D. meeting the social needs of the target market

E. appeal to the athletic segment

Refer to the following scenario to answer the questions below.

Monique and Bob Smith are married with two young children at home and a third away at college. They are also considering adopting another child. Monique is the primary shopper for her family. Every week, she goes shopping to buy products that she and her family need and want.

126. Though Monique doesn’t eat them herself, she buys snack items for her children and is always looking for more nutritious snacks rather than mere junk food. In marketing terms, Monique is considered which type of consumer?

A. user

B. business

C. purchaser

D. influencer

E. trend setter

127. Bob and Monique only purchase cars produced by General Motors. They also attend General Motors car shows, own General Motors merchandise, and encourage their friends and family to buy exclusively from General Motors. Their devotion to General Motors indicates that Bob and Monique belong to a ________.

A. demographic

B. social class

C. reference group

D. brand community

E. corporate culture

128. According to the U.S. Census, Monique, Bob, and the children are considered to be a ________.

A. target market

B. family

C. psychographic

D. reference group

E. subculture

129. Lex, Bob and Monique’s oldest son who is away at college, lives with three other students in a house off-campus. According to the U.S. Census, Lex and the other students represent a ________.

A. target market

B. family

C. household

D. reference group

E. subculture

130. After budgeting for the things that he has to pay for, such as his mortgage, car payments, insurance, food, and so forth, Bob figures they have $1,000 left each month to use for whatever they want. This $1,000 represents the Smith’s ________ income.

A. net

B. gross

C. spendable

D. discretionary

E. left-over

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