An Analysis of Tar Creek Superfund Site

Order Description

Write an analysis of remedial action alternatives for the remediation of a contaminated waste site (Superfund Site: TAR CREEK, OTTAWA COUNTY, OKLAHOMA. USA) with the following characteristics:

•Site area – 4 acres
•Depth to contamination in soil – surface to the capillary fringe at 6 feet.
•Depth to groundwater and aquifer thickness – 7 feet and a thickness of 25 feet – unconfined
•Geology – Braided stream deposits, fine to medium grained sand and silt.
•Contaminants – tritium and carbon tetrachloride

The analysis is to include two options representing emerging environmental technology and two representing conventional technology.

The analysis of alternatives under review reflects the scope and complexity of site problems and alternatives being evaluated and considers the relative significance of the factors within each criteria. The nine criteria are part of the National Contingency Plan (40CFR300.430(e)(9)).

The analysis of alternatives is to follow the 9 Superfund Criteria –

The nine evaluation criteria are as follows:

Threshold Criteria
1. Overall protection of human health and the environment
2. Compliance with ARARs (applicable or relevant and appropriate standards)

Primary Balancing Criteria
3. Long-term effectiveness and permanence
4. Reduction of toxicity, mobility, or volume
5. Short-term effectiveness
6. Implementability
7. Cost

Modifying Criteria
8. State acceptance
9. Community acceptance

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