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You have learned that some markets are competitive but that there are also a few markets that are serviced by just one firm. Examples include utility companies that provide electricity and natural gas to homeowners.

Please draw on your own experiences and what you have learned in Unit 4 to discuss the following points. Please use economic concepts; and use references in your main contribution.

  1. Please identify and describe your local utility.
  2. Please explain what products or services it provides.
  3. Are there other companies that provide these products in your community?
  4. Have prices increased in the last 2 years? Please explain.
  5. Do you think prices would be higher or lower if there were 2 or more providers? Please explain.

In your own words, post a response to the Discussion Board, and comment on at least 2 other postings. You will be graded on both level of engagement and the quality of the contribution to the discussion.

Discussion Board Reminders:

  • Must have three posts: A Main Post and two replies to peers.
    • First post: Either your main post or a reply to others must be posted before midnight CT (Central time) on Friday of each week.
    • Second and third post: Must be posted on a different day from the first post.
  • Connect to Content: At least one post must refer to course learning materials. See the Academic Resource on Discussion Boards for help with connecting to the content.
  • Engaging in Class Discussions: For more information on making the most of your class dialog, review the Academic Resource on Discussion Boards.

Grading Rubric

        Assignment Criteria Proficient Descriptor Points

        Quality of Main Post

        27 Points Total

        Student’s main post meets or exceeds the following requirements

        • Responds completely to all of parts of discussion question. (7 points)
        • Communicates content information accurately and/or logically (7 points)
        • Delivers a thoughtful response demonstrating insights and reflections (7 points)
        • Connects to both key content concepts and personal experiences (6 points)
        /27 pts.

        Response to Peers

        24 Points Total

      • Responds to a minimum of 2 peers. (12 points per response)
        • Substantive response (6 points)
        • Furthers the conversation with peers. Examples could include: (6 points)
          • Provides additional resources
          • Connects to key concepts
          • Shares personal or professional experiences
          • Contributes new information or perspective
          • Presents a competing viewpoint
        /24 pts.

        Support from Learning Resources

        4 Points Total

        At least one post refers to course learning resources. /4 pts.

        Professional Writing

        5 Points Total

        Response is well-organized, clear and free of grammatical and mechanical errors.

        Posts demonstrate courtesy and respect for others.
        /5 pts.
        Total /60 pts.

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