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One of the essential activities of the President is to receive a daily intelligence brief. Your task this week is to prepare one where you alert him on the most current trends in terrorism.

A President’s Intelligence Brief (PDB) is a specialized type of speech, designed to exchange information or review important details. A PDB needs to be concise, objective and accurate. No personal views, ideology or suggestions are included. You are simply informing the President what is going on, where and who the actors are. For this exercise, you may consult news sources to find current events. Do feel free to ‘Google’ a PDB to learn how it is written.

Your post must be between 350 and 500 words. Don’t forget to use the Turabian Reference Style with in-text citations to reference the course readings and news sources you may use in the text and include a Reference list at the end of your post.


Please discuss at least three major aspects, conclusions, etc. that you consider important from the assigned readings for this week (e.g., confirm/refute, expand upon, examine attendant author statements or context). Be sure to include why you consider these issues important and what may be done to improve them. This is a seminar style of learning that allows senior-level students the academic freedom to discuss differing yet overlapping topics.

Do not just focus on one assigned reading, and ensure that you use the below stipulated three heading format for all your forum submissions.

Please note that I typically try to interaction with a rotating group of five students per weekly discussion. If we reach the last two weeks of the course and I have somehow overlooked you in this aspect, please let me know.

Please also note that you will not be able to see classmates’ postings until you have first submitted your own.


Please submit your initial response by 11:55pm Thursday, and ensure that you make appropriate use, in-text citation, and reference to available source information to support your perspective in APA style and format (350 words).

Thereafter, interact (by 11:55pm Sunday) with two or more classmates (125 cumulative words), e.g., explain why you agree or disagree with their post; confirm something you learned; inform them of other relevant information they may consider, etc.

Please organize your response according to the following example.

1)Transnational threats

Briefly summarize it…xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Provide clear examples… xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Why you consider this issue important and/or what may be done to improve them….xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

2)Globalization of crime



3)Principle threats and U.S. response




Discuss one current international event that involves a human security issue. Provide enough information on that event so that your colleagues will be able to understand what the issue is about. Finally, based on the readings, discuss whether you think a state-centric or human security approach could best resolve the issue and why. Include a link for more information on your topic, cite the readings and lessons as appropriate.

In order to have a variety of posts and events please do not repeat a topic one of your classmates has already discussed. I look forward to reading your posts and providing feedback on your topics!

Instructions: Your initial post should be at least 250 words.


Video: Human Security a New Response

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