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Instruction: Answer the following question and sub-questions that appear below. In their response, students must demonstrate thoughtful and careful analysis of each of the two mailers posted. You do not need to use external sources, but are encouraged to use concepts discussed in class and in your textbook. If written on Word, answers should be written in 12-point font, Times New Roman, double-spaced. There is no page limit, but a two-three-page minimum is likely necessary to answer the questions completely.

Responses need an introduction and a conclusion. Paragraphs must be used regularly to separate ideas and responses. The answer should flow, and proper spelling and grammar checks must be completed before submission. The deadline for submitting this exam is Friday, April 24th by 11:59 PM. The exam must be submitted via Canvas. Please remember to include your name and Panther ID on your exam.

Question: These two mailers were sent to voters in the battleground state of Florida during the 2000 presidential campaign between George W. Bush (Republican) and Al Gore (Democrat). Carefully read and analyze each mailer. The following questions should be answered, but you can introduce other points that may not be asked below:

What kind of an election was it? (Was there an incumbent? Was it an open election?)

Who created the mailer? Was it a candidate or a party? (HINT: Look at the return address of the mailer).

What message(s) are the mailers trying to convey?

When were the mailers sent? What was going on at that time? Were they sent during the primaries or the general election?

Where were the mailers sent? What communities/coalitions are addressed or targeted by the mailers?

Are the mailers candidate-centered, party-centered, or both?

Why were the mailers sent? What message did they try to convey?

What role (if any) does the media play in the mailer?

Do the mailers mention candidates for other offices? If so, why do they do so?

Do the mailers speak to each other? Do the mailers present opposing views on a particular issue?

Describe the imagery used (pictures, colors, lettering, etc.). What does it reflect in each mailer?

Quien Quiere Votar por los Democrats

Democrat Mailer Inside.JPG

Democrat Mailer Back.JPG

Republican Mailer Front.JPG

Republican Mailer Inside.JPG

Republican Mailer Back.JPG

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