American College of California Net Neutrality Internet Service ?Paper

Question Description
Total words 800 and No Plagiarism Please add 4-5 APA references also

Topic: Net Neutrality
Topic need to cover below items
1. Briefly (and neutrally) describe the concept of Net Neutrality as defined in the literature. Don’t take a position on it, like whether we need it, just describe the concept in a half page or so.
2. Describe gaps in current laws or regulations surrounding Net Neutrality as identified in the literature (cite 3-5 researchers). This is where you could bring in both sides of the argument, for and against Net Neutrality regulation.
3. Propose a policy that would fill the gap. Include 1) your recommendations for measuring compliance, and 2) a future research project that would shed light on the policy’s cost, impact, success or failure

Tags: cybercrimes American College of California Net Neutrality Federal Communications Commission internet service Open Internet Access

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