American College of California Akawini Copper Risk Management Discussion

Question Description
Chapters 26 through 29 present four mini-case studies on ERM and risk and each provided a slightly different risk scenario. The recorded presentations posed a question for each chapter. Please provide an answer to any two of these questions in your discussion thread.

Assignment Requirements:

Create a new thread – no more than 400 words, be clear and concise!

For chapter 26: What might the projected risk portfolio include for Bim Consultants?
For chapter 27: Are the listed HR-related risks the right ones to explore and evaluate in the risk workshop for Nerds Galore and should there be any others?
For chapter 28: Legal counsel will not be participating in the BSC risk management program. Is this a problem and is this typical for companies in this situation?
For chapter 29: Do you think the transformation described in the text will be successful with the current Akawini leadership?
Select at least 2 other students’ threads

Post substantive comments on those threads by evaluating the pros and cons of that student’s recommendations.
Your comments should extend the conversation started with the thread.
“I agree” is not enough.
Please NOTE: These discussions are NOT meant to be research papers but rather somewhat informal dialogue. However, if you paraphrase or directly quote a resource, then cite it properly using APA 6th.

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