Alternative to plastic packaging in the food and drinks industry: a critical study including

HR7: Alternative to plastic packaging in food and drinks industry: a critical study including Manufacturing, Design study and FEA AnalysisStudent name: tbc(this project can take up to 2 students)Background: plastics are one of the biggest challenges the world is facing. Consumers aresuddenly aware of the thousands of tonnes of plastic filling the ocean and implications.The aims of this project is to create an alternative solution for current plastic packaging used in the drinks and confectionary industry. Alternative solutions are required due to the adverse effects of current petroleum-based plastic packaging have on our environment.The project should critically review existing packaging in these industries and the effectthese have on our environment. Discuss alternatives that are already in use instead of plastic packaging and possible viable alternative materials. You should be able to analyse the manufacturing process of alternative packaging, develop CAD models based on alternative material, analyse these in terms of deformation, rigidity and durability usingFEA software and compare these to existing packaging. You could also carry outexperimental drop tests and compare with FEA simulation drop tests. Also compare withhand calculations to include a numerical element to the project Key skills: Technical writing, CAD/FEA numerical calculationsExpected deliverables include: Recommendations for alternatives to plastic packaging in food and drinks industry.


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