Alternative School Experience: Male and Female

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In this assignment, you are required to further improve your proposal based on your own thinking, and reviewers’ comments. In addition to your manuscript itself, please make sure that you also include an appendix section addressing all the comments you received. The structure of your final draft assignment must be in accordance with the following provided outline.

++++Start of the outline++++

I. Title Page: TItle – Do male and female students differ in satisfaction of their experience in attending alternative schools

II. Abstract (less than 120 words)

III. Introduction/ Literature Review Section

Heading 1 (refer to the first theme of my literature review)

Heading 2

Heading 3, etc

Research Question (Must clearly state my research question)

IV. Method Section




Plan of Data Analysis

V. Discussion/ Conclusion Section


Future research

VI. References (15 peer-reviewed sources)

VII. Appendix

1) List of changes/ improvements addressing all the comments on my MRP5 that I received (please first quote the comments, then present my positions)

2) Any instruments you plan to use to collect data

3) Any other information you feel is relevant to your study

Please use APA style in preparing your manuscript. (Times New Roman, Font size 12, double space, 1 inch margin all around on 8.5 ×11 paper). ++++End of the outline++++

This paper should be roughly 2,000-2,500 words long, including references.

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