Aligning Information Technology and Organizational Strategy

Topic: Aligning Information Technology and Organizational Strategy
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Book: Pearlson, Saunders, chapters 5,8
Pearlson, Keri E., Saunders, C. S. (2013). Managing and Using Information Systems: A Strategic Approach, 5th Edition.

Unit: Aligning Information Technology and Organizational Strategy
Objective: Analyze a company, its business position, and the attainment of a competitive advantage through the understanding and application of information systems and technologies.
Perform systems analysis in a variety of industries and competitive situations.

Assignment: Conduct research online regarding the role that strategic information systems (SIS) have in creating an organization’s competitive strategy. Discuss specifically how the SIS integrates the organizational strategic vision and accomplishes a competitive advantage for the organization. Provide examples to illustrate your discussion.

Business Intelligence Overview

Sourcing Decisions

Competitive Advantage
This Web site describes the basics of competitive advantage.
How to Find Your Competitive Advantage
Article on how to find your competitive advantage.
Managing Assessment for the Competitive Advantage
A management functional assessment model (MFAM) explained. MFAM is based on key functions of management which are explained.
Strategic Planning
Strategic planning is a process that does not change regardless of your position in the organization hierarchy. The only thing that changes as you move through the organizational hierarchy is the frequency of strategic thought and the level of formality or documentation applied to the strategic planning process.
Strategy – Strategic Planning
Article on the IT strategic plan. There are articles on the don’ts and do’s of IT strategic planning, best practices, improving strategic planning, and more.

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