Alexis De Tocqueville

Alexis De Tocqueville

Volume II Part 1-5, 8-15
1. What does Tocqueville mean when he says that Americans are Cartesians?

2. What is the Philosophical Mind of Americans and what relation does this have to the scorn for forms?

Volume II capter 1-4, 8-13

3. What is the relationship between freedom and equality in democratic societies?

4. What does Tocqueville mean by individualism ? How does it differ from bare selfishness ? What is the relation to democracy? why is it dangerous?

5. What is the doctrine of self interest well understood ?

6. How does democracy promote materialism? How can it be combated?

Volume II chapter 1-4, 8-12, 17-21

7. How does the equality of conditions contribute to gentle mores?

8. What does Tocquevill mean when he says that society is at once agitated and monotonous?

9. What effect does democracy have on family life and the relation between the sexes?

Volume II part IV
10. What is the relation between mild despotism and the oridnary understanding of democracy? What is the effect of mild despotism on the citizen? what can democratic citizens do to counter this force?

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